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quotation-marksFrom having almost no knowledge of driving two months ago to being the proud holder of a Class 5 driving license in the very first attempt, ‘A Fast rack Success Driving School’ has been the formula behind this ‘quick success’. Mr. Kam Bansal is not just a driving instructor, but a teacher. He empowers you with the best practices of driving and makes you imbibe the requisite skills for not just passing the road test but for having a lifelong enjoyable driving experience. He is patient, highly knowledgeable, understanding and extremely accommodating as a person. Mr. Kam is assuring and makes you feel comfortable behind the wheels in no time. He is persistent till you perfect the skills attributed to safe and defensive driving and lays great stress on incorporating the right attitude for driving. I have had a wonderful experience with Mr. Kam and would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a great driving instructor. I cannot thank him enough for being such an awesome mentor and for helping me pass my road test in such a short time. Thanks & Regards. - Debanjan Ghosal, New Westminster.

quotation-marks"I used to be a very fearful driver. The thought of driving was scary to me and seemed too complicated. After taking many lessons with Mr. kam, I became very confident and learned very fast. He is a very patient person, which is something that new drivers look for in an instructor. Mr. Kam was very accommodating to my hectic schedule as well, and was always there whenever I needed a lesson. He really cares about his students succeeding and teaches the best tactics and methods. His lessons will always be in my mind because they were so very useful on my road test and easy to follow. Something that stands out about him is that he is constantly looking for new ways to teach his students better. This shows how much he truly cares about his students and it really shows in how he teaches. He is also a very humorous and humble person and very comfortable to drive with! He puts lots of hard work in teaching you and is very understanding. I cannot begin to count how many times I repeated a question over and over again, because that is how I learn, and he never lost his patience but instead always reassured me. The cost is also very reasonable and definitely worth how much you learn from him. He truly gets to know you as a person and builds his lessons to suit YOUR needs, which is very important in driving I believe. I have already recommended him to many people and definitely recommend him to anybody looking for a highly knowledge, awesome, and caring instructor! Thank you again so much, Mr. kam! Could not have done it without your help!" - Shabnam Rokay, New west

quotation-marksI had long given up on driving after trying numerous times with so called “professional” driving schools. Driving always felt challenging and scary. That was until I met Kam, he made me believe I could become a competent driver.His patience, intuition, calm nature and endeavor to teach his students to become skilled drivers made me confident. In addition he worked around my demanding work schedule to offer me driving lessons. What stood out most about Kam’s lessons was that: he told me what I was doing wrong and he and I worked hard to kick out the bad habits I had learned through the so called “professional” driving schools. My safety on the road was a priority to him. His sense of humor made me comfortable during our lessons and above all he got to know my learning style and tailored his lessons around it. His prices were very reasonable; he charges a fraction of what many driving schools take to train you. I got value for money having my driving lessons with Kam.I will not hesitate to recommend Kam to anybody who wants to become a confident, responsible and competent driver. Thanks, Kam - Sinan, former student A-Fast rack success Driving School

quotation-marksA friend of mine recommended A-Fast rack Success Driving School when I needed some help with my driving skills. I think I made the right choice because I met Kam who was a great instructor. The pre-tests lessons were really helpful and gave me a good insight to where I needed to concentrate more. No matter how many times I asked a question you were able to give me a clear answer each time when I repeated my bad habits, he was able to stop me on the spot and kept repeating it until I actually stopped doing it. Kam was always very patient with me, never got annoyed or frustrated with repeated mistakes. I was able to pass my driving test because of Kam`s great way of instructing. I would highly recommend Kam as a great driving instructor. Thank you so much. - Ruky Abdullai, Burnaby

quotation-marks"I've been driving for about eight years and went for my class 5 test in Burnaby in March. Unfortunately the examiner that I got was super strict and I had some nerves too, so I ended up failing the test. After failing the test first time my confidence was rock bottom because I thought I knew how to drive good and some of the mistakes on my sheet were just absurd (at least to me). Kam explained to me that everything is about attitude in driving and it matters more than skills or knowledge. He helped me fix my little mistakes that I had developed over the years. I was able to pass the second time with just two minor errors. I would recommend Kam as a driving instructor to anybody. His biggest quality to me was his patience and how he was able to communicate information and fix my little mistakes that I didn't even think I was doing." - Abdul I Shaq, Vancouver

quotation-marks decided to get the drivers licence during this year. Because my share house was sold. I had to move out. Then, commute was very inconvenient. At first, I learned driving from previous roommate, but he taught it me only two times. Then he quitted soon. I looked for instructor in a fluster. Then, I found Mr. Kam on craigslist. The fee per hour was affordable. This was the reason why I contacted to him at that time. When I took the lesson, he pointed out my weak point immediately. I could trust him. In addition, schedule was flexible and adjustable. Sometimes, the lesson started at 7 am or 8 am. Because I'm worker. That was why I continued to his lesson. I got Novice Licence in a month. I could practice on the road test place. It was so helpful. Even the book of road test, I couldn't do it except his advice. After all, I could achieved my goal. I've totally appreciated his cooperation. - Takashi Hirakimoto, Japan

quotation-marks"Getting my driver’s license has been a goal that I’ve been putting off for years. Therefore, I am extremely happy and grateful to Kam for helping me pass the test on the first try. I didn’t have any opportunities to practice driving outside of my lessons. However, after 45 hours of professional lessons with Kam and his wife Alice, I felt like I was well prepared for the road test. They are both very patient and supportive in their approach and they have taught me the skills to be a good and safe driver. I highly recommend A FastTrack Success Driving School!" - Sara, Port Coquitlam

quotation-marksI am coming hereby to express my satisfaction after being trained by driving instructors from fastrack Success driving school. In fact, within the context of the preparation of my BC Class 5 driving license, I have been referred to Fast rack Success School by a close friend of me who successfully passed his road test a couple of months ago. After going through the learning cycle both theoretical and practical of this school, I have the joy to announce you that, as my friend, I successfully passed my road test on January 6th 2016. I really appreciate the teaching style of your driving school as well as the experienced driving instructors you have in your team. Long life to 'A Fast rack Success Driving School. - Patrice Meteunou, Burnaby

quotation-marksMr. Kam is a good driving instructor. He helped me correct my bad driving habits and his way of teaching is technical and theoretical as well. In which it helped me understand more about being a defensive, knowledgeable, capable driver. His accessible and always reminds about your practice driving. Which is very important. It was my first road test and I passed thus I could safely say that he is an effective teacher. I wish him all the best and I cannot thank him enough in helping me get my driver's license. - M. Landero Coy

quotation-marksI had never driven a car in my life and my road test was booked in Feb/2016. Because Kam's calm and friendly manner I was already comfortable in the car by the end of the first lesson early Nov/2015. He was always so patient, and knew the right things to say at the right time, no nagging, so I was able to safely make mistakes and he made sure for me to learn from it so I would build confidence on my own. I had one to two lessons per week, and took about 18 weeks to pass Class 7. As a super beginner driver and no practices besides Kam's lessons, I think it really was a quick success! Kam genuinely cares for his clients, and easy to get along with. I am very happy with my experience with Kam. I am sure he will lead you to the goal too. - Junko Ogawa, Vancouver

quotation-marksAfter giving my knowledge test for class 5 licence I took around 15 classes from one of the driving school (forgot the name of the driving school) and he did not teach me anything and despite paying money for 20 classes he cheated me and stopped answering my calls after 15th class. At one point I was fed up with driving. Because I need licence I gave another try by calling quick success driving school. I took 10hrs package with Mr. Kamal. The first thing he taught me is to have positive attitude and be brave. He is so good by person and has a systematic way of teaching. He even conducted a mock test and gave so much confidence so that I can pass the road test. His techniques were much easier and especially the way he taught to do the parallel parking is very easy. I passed the road test and all the credit goes to kam. Without him I can't even imagine that I can pass the road test. His way of teaching is not only helpful for road test but also for real life. I highly recommend quick success driving school whoever wish to get through with flying colours. Thanks again to kam. - Sravani Jaladi

quotation-marksBeing a newcomer in Canada, Aced my Class 5 road test first take only with the help of Mr Kam, (Fastrack Success Driving School), very kind but straightforward with our driving lessons. Referred by my brother in law and sister in law who took their lessons with Mr Kam, both took the exam once. Talk about consistency! Thank you very much! - Hubert Alejandro

quotation-marksDriving Teachers like Kam are probably the most helpful yet the most powerful professionals in the whole world. Kam work has a long term impact on not just the lives of the student he teach to drive, but on society as a whole. His power to shape generations on how to teach driving and defensive actions, kam impact minds and make the world a better place by using his nice attitude and concise words to empower student in driving. I have personally taken driving lessons from him he is very skilled and at the same time teaches people with his experience and niceness. I would highly recommend anyone taking lessons to take it with him. It is impossible to thank a teacher. There are no words, to appreciate someone whose words empower students to chase their dreams to drive. I want you to know how much I appreciate the way you have cared for helping me learn. Thank you for your excellent service. - James, student UBC